Benefits Of Online Interviewing

Automated online interviewing helps in making recruiting process more efficient and in discovering better talent. Let's find out the benefits of an automated online interview.

Benefits For Organizations

Reduce Time to Hire
Traditional hiring methods take 45 days on average to hire a new position and cost $1,500-$5,000 per hire on average. Clients using automated video interviewing have experienced time to hire reduced by 50%. This not only facilitates a swifter recruitment cycle, but also saves a lot of time and money. More importantly it minimizes the risk of a bad hire if you're under pressure to fill positions quickly. Another advantage of a reduced time to hire means that you get to act quickly on a great candidate that could be snapped up by another competitor in the market.
Cut out Phone Interviews
Phone interviews are commonly used in the recruitment process but organizations are replacing them with our automated video interviewing tool. Companies find it much easier to spend 15 minutes setting up an automated video interview that can be sent to hundreds of applicants to just log back in and view the completed video responses when it suits. Reduce the Number of Interviews in your Recruitment Process. Prior to using automated video interviewing, companies typically conducted 4 to 5 face-to-face interviews as well as the initial telephone interview. Now having eliminated the phone interview from their recruitment process and by zoning in on completed automated video interviews, companies have managed to reduce the overall number of face-to-face meetings considerably.
Improve Employer Branding
Companies using automated video interviewing also get improved corporate identity among applicants, customers and suppliers. They are making their interview process a lot more efficient for their candidates. They get many positive messages from candidates who have been online interviewed saying it saved them so much time and that they were very impressed with the interviewing company allowing them complete the interview in their own time and place using new innovative technology. By showing respect both for the candidate's time and the needs of their current firm, you may also build goodwill in your image.
Almost-Live View
With broadband and the latest generation of webcams, the quality of the video is quite high. Unlike telephone interviews, facial expressions and body language can be readily seen. You can assess both the overall skills and personality of the candidates.
Save on Costs
More and more companies are conducting online job interviews. These interviews save employers money, because they do not have to pay for a job fair or for candidates to travel to the office. The per interview will most likely not exceed $10. A small price to pay for huge benefits.
Reach More Candidates
Screen multiple candidates at the same time without additional resources. You don't miss out on suitable candidates who are otherwise filtered out by inefficient screening. Candidates (including outstation people) are more likely to attend online interviews, since they can do it from anywhere and anytime. More candidates can be screened with lesser effort..
Refer and Share
In an automated interview, interview is recorded via webcam. So it is easy to share the video with all relevant parties and they can view the recorded interview multiple times and give the feedback on candidates. Archive Interviews The video responses provide clear interview records for review so there is no second-guessing from written notes or memory. Also, stored information can serve as database for future requirements.
Be Consistent and Accurate
There is consistency - all candidates are asked the same set of questions. Questions can be specifically tailored for the job the employer is hiring for. Hiring managers have the opportunity to replay, review, and rate the interviews online, so they can compare candidates without having to remember who said what or review their notes.
Avoid Frauds
Hire candidates who have actually been interviewed or screened, and not the ones with deceptively shining resumes.

Benefits For Candidates

Improved Candidate Experience
Too often you hear that the candidate experience needs to be improved. The speed and simplicity of video interviewing could impact their willingness to accept an offer and what they tell others about your company
Lower Dropout Rate
If your organization requires multiple interviews on different days, that multiplies the amount of travel and the scheduling difficulty associated with hiring an individual. Allowing the candidate to "interview from anywhere" and after work hours reduces the amount of scheduling and travel stress that routinely builds up over multiple interviews
Better Ethics
For currently employed candidates, asking them to come in for an interview during work hours (on company time) can cause ethical concerns among the best candidates. In other cases it may force them to use sick days, personal days, or vacation time. They may also feel that they are letting their team down by being absent from work during the time that they are traveling and interviewing. Conducting interviews from home outside of work hours can help alleviate these pressures
Family impacts
Having to travel and be away from their family (with no guarantee that they'll actually get the job) may discourage even unemployed individuals from applying.

Additional Benefits

Internal Transfers and Vendor Selection
In addition to using the interview from anywhere process for external hiring, it can also be used for internal transfers and vendor selection.
Greener Approach
Using technology to reduce travel certainly reduces much of the carbon footprint and the environmental impact related to a job search. For environmentally conscious candidates and companies, this may be a major selling point and an illustration that your company is focused on sustainability.
Most of the candidates prefer interviews to be done after their working hours. Automated online video interviews can be taken at a time that suits the candidate, and be reviewed at a time that suits interviewer.
Improved Interviewee and Interviewer Performance
Because candidates are not rushed to get back to work or fatigued from hours of driving or airline travel, they are more likely to be relaxed and excited about the opportunity to present themselves. In cases where the interviewers need to travel in order to ask questions during the interview, they too will be refreshed and better able to sell and excite the candidate.

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